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so wie es kommt
the memory remains

es ist winter

zeit für gefühle

a never ending story

unüberwindbar sind meist nur die klein steine die eim das leben in den weg legt

One million bullets

Led Astray

The man of norm

This is just a story of little kid, who wanna tell the real shit, he got´s the problem that everybody know what hardcore is and you can show, you think hardcore is business I think it´s live, you don´t belive, but I am right
Money is much but not everything to life, I respect the scene, and that´s like a gift


The sun break in the sea, the stars fall free, all humans belive, that it will be, no one knows it, no one wants it, but everybody try to handle, what it gonna do, find your way, to respect yourself, find the only thing, you want to life for, IT is there to break everything of you to a piece of it, an when you try to handle it, when you think you do, it will control all of you, that is the way of it and you, all human will belive that it, is more than we will know


It is time to thank you, to say what you have done
Without you, we wont be able to do it on
We love you, you are so much, you are everything for us
You are the best friends in this world, you beat in our hearts so strong
We belive in friendship
We belive in you
We are proud to say
You are the best in everyway

Break a system

Break a system, cut a line, go forward, search a sign
You and me all we are free in a world of rise and brutality
We will never fight alone but the army of the system is to strong, its important to understand that the way of you will never end
Break a system, cut a line, go forward, search a sign
Break a system, cut a line, go forward, search a sign

Name of fear

Say a name, call it with the fear of a cold breeze, come on do it, try yourself, belive in you an do what never somebody had done, take a new piece of you and try to create a new sign of a new world, then I will promise, everybody will scream for revolution, a new thing is born, and an old dies, that’s the way and nobody will realise
What the future will bring, so do it on, take apart and just love it, but there is something you have to know
This ära is just a piece of all, and all will die
And than the name of fear, is just a name

The truth

Broken bones are level the way but we stay strong,
We live for tomorrow, belive in the spirit of everyone,
Be yourself and don´t want to be everyone else
Don’t try to be somebody else,
Because nobody can substittude you in this world,
Be our own master,
Our own aim,
Don’t loose you in the circle of violence,
Of hate, be strong,
Don’t rise with the masses

Resist you

Blood still runs over my head, it is warmly and thickly
It wants it away to wire however it sticks on me
It is mine, the paping wound in my head
It stands as a indication of the force of everyone
Also you had beat this wound, also you had got this wound,
It is all the whether, it bleeds the pain is there
And remains so long it these, resist you this rage,
Resist you sickness, resist you this rage,
It´s all the whether, resist you sickness
It bleed the pain is there
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